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This is a post from two years ago–I thought it was time…

Bruce Elliot Jones Writes

Mom died this week.

It had taken awhile. And taken its toll on both her and the entire family.

Yet it also seemed to happen very suddenly, catching me looking completely the other way. I can?t explain it better than that. When someone you?ve loved all your life is dying, time makes its own rules.

I hadn?t written anything worthwhile in weeks, maybe months. And I knew it. But I kept at it, mostly, I?m sure, for the solace of escape fiction can provide. But never really fooling myself. I have never been ?blocked.? As far back as grade school where Mom dropped me off every morning, I?d learned that the fastest way to beat the blank page was to get out of my own way, let myself fall into it: stop being the reality me and be another me. Now all I could think of was that Mom had…

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