Posted: May 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

Bruce Elliot Jones Writes

A few readers have informed me that my short stories are?to put it politely??oversexed.? I?m not particularly concerned. When often accused of the same label, John Updike replied: ?Everyone?s interested in sex.? And who?s going to argue with him? But there?s another reason a few of these tales may appear overly titillating (what genius concocted that word!): some of them were written in my relative youth and published in what were referred to back then as ?men?s magazines.? I was asked to be sexy. Hey, I was young, and as Marilyn Monroe once modestly confessed: ?I needed themoney.? At least I was in good company; while I was churning out verbiage for a poor man?s Playboy called Escapade, some kid named Stephen King was simultaneously stomping the vineyards of the slightly classier Cavalier with his own early fiction. The following yarn, however sexy, has a…

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