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Bruce Elliot Jones Writes

A few readers have informed me that my short stories are?to put it politely??oversexed.? I?m not particularly concerned. When often accused of the same label, John Updike replied: ?Everyone?s interested in sex.? And who?s going to argue with him? But there?s another reason a few of these tales may appear overly titillating (what genius concocted that word!): some of them were written in my relative youth and published in what were referred to back then as ?men?s magazines.? I was asked to be sexy. Hey, I was young, and as Marilyn Monroe once modestly confessed: ?I needed themoney.? At least I was in good company; while I was churning out verbiage for a poor man?s Playboy called Escapade, some kid named Stephen King was simultaneously stomping the vineyards of the slightly classier Cavalier with his own early fiction. The following yarn, however sexy, has a…

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Bruce Elliot Jones Writes

Here sighs, plaints, and deep wailings resounded through the starless air: it made me weep at first. Strange tongues, horrible outcries, words of pain, tones of anger, voices deep and hoarse, and sounds of hands amongst them, made a tumult, which turns itself unceasingly in that air for ever dyed, as sand when it eddies in a whirlwind.

That was Dante. Specifically, The Inferno (Canto III, 22-31)

Here is Roger Zelazny in his foreward to Harlan Ellison?s From the Land of Fear, Belmont Books, 1967:

What does it take to be a writer and why? The quotation from Dante?contains the answer. There are these sounds, this tumult, turning in that air for ever dyed, eddying in a neat simile and beginning with that all important word ?Here.? Everybody hears the sounds, some people listen, and a writer, for some damfool reason, wants to put them down on paper and…

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Bruce Elliot Jones Writes

This is a story about loss. Something we all deal with, in our individual ways, every day. It?s hard not to think of loss in these times with so much of it around: Japan, Alabama, Louisiana, Joplin, recession, joblessness, Oprah Winfrey. Watching the HBO movie Too Big To Fail last night gave the word a whole new slant. Loss. Change the last letter to a ?t? and you have a completely different word with an almost hauntingly identical meaning.

They say ?every time you lose something, you gain something.? So why then does it?sometimes?hurt so much? Death is the elephant in the room here. Death of a family member, death of a close friend, death of a marriage?those are supposed to be the Big Three. I?ve experienced all in the exact reverse order, the last as recently as this week?a decades old friend with whom I shared both the…

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For those of you who missed it the first time, here’s a free short story from my horror collection, SOMETHING WAITS:

Bruce Elliot Jones Writes

I?ve talked with my wife and my psychiatrist and my dog and they?ve agreed I should indeed release these stories in book form?or ebook form–all together in one nifty package. The book will be entitled: Something Waits. It should be up and running on Amazon within a week or so. Meanwhile, here is your final freebie from that much larger collection.

For those keeping track of such things, this story–the last one I?m formatting for Something Waits–was also the last one to appear in the original 1987 Twisted Tales trade paperback. It?s only the second time the story has seen print and wasn?t originally intended for that first collection. Back then, going over the material for Twisted Tales, I decided a couple of pieces might not be palatable to 1980?s reader?s tastes, some being derived from hairy chested men?s magazines of the decade before, a little raw around…

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